Your server administrator will send each user a user welcome email. It gives all the details for the user’s initial setup and consists of other information like this:

User details (Extension number, username, password)

Yeastar Cloud PBX Login URL

A QR code to login to your Linkus Mobile client.

A Login link to login to your Linkus Computer client.

Auto provision information for IP Phone (If you have one)

A sample welcome email looks like this:

While you should manage your calls with IP Phone and Linkus Apps, you can still manage your own extensions via the user portal. You will see this when you login:

Now click “me” to manage your own extensions:

  1. Setup user email
  2. Scan QR code to login Linkus for mobile
  3. Setup user mobile
  4. Disable/Enable voicemail option
  5. Option to send voicemail to email
  6. Option to ring the mobile phone at the same time
  7. Configure individual extension ringing time
  8. Send email notification for missed calls
  9. Voicemail password
  10. Configure different logic for different status
  11. Check past call logs and call recordings
  12. Check past voicemail

Next you can configure your presence status:

Alternatively, you can configure user presence via Linkus, the status is synced accross your Linkus App, IP Phone and web portal.

You can also trace back your previous call logs, one-touch recordings, voicemails, block numbers under user portal.

That’s all, have fun with Yeastar Cloud PBX.