Yes of course you can!

Our subscription is offered on a monthly basis. However, you can increase and reduce user licenses or cancel your subscription at any time as there is no contractual period imposed.

Remember of course, that each Yeastar Cloud PBX subscription comes with a minimum base of 5 user licenses. Therefore, increasing or reducing user licenses only apply to subscriptions with more than 5 user licenses.

For increases to the number of user licenses on your account, your first monthly subscription will be pro-rated based on the date that the user license is added against your original subscription billing period.

i.e. If your original billing period was every 1st of the month, and you add an additional user license on the 15th, then you will be billed for the remaining 15 days (15/30 x SGD 8 = SGD 4), subject to GST. Full subscription will be billed in the following month for the actual number of user licenses allocated.

For removal of user licenses from your account, your subscription will be updated in the following billing period. The user license will still be active till that date.

The same goes for cancellation of subscriptions. Subscription will be active till the end of your billing period, and we will cease the service after that date.

For adjustments to your subscription, please send your request to or call our hotline at 6714 6666.