Yeastar has made it far easier for SMEs to organize contacts efficiently and unify communications in one platform, freeing you from integration troubles.

The following table shows the maximum number of contacts supported on the PBX. (There is no way to add more as of Mar 2020)

Contacts typeMaximum number
Company contacts (total)1,000
Personal contacts (per extension)300

Company Contacts

Company Contacts is a phone book that allows you to store a list of external contacts, such as the company’s customers, resellers and partners.

Note: By default, only the PBX administrator can view and manage Company Contacts. To share Company Contacts with extension users, you’ve to configure contacts permission.

Personal Contacts

Personal Contacts is a phone book for each extension user. Users can store a list of external contacts exclusive to themselves, such as direct customers.

Note: Each user’s personal contact is visible only to themselves.
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