Do I have to maintain my Yeastar Cloud PBX phone system?

No, because your business phone system is hosted in the cloud, we perform all the maintenance for you.

We will do the necessary firmware update, database backup, logs audit, firewall harden, etc.

All you need to focus on is maintaining a fast and internet connection, download Linkus UC or plug your IP phones in, and enjoy reliable, ultra-clear phone service!

What happens if the Yeastar Cloud PBX network goes down?

As of Year 2020, we’ve operated this business over 7 years, our experience tells that our Cloud PBX uptime is almost perfect, our data center provides a 99.99% network uptime, in the event if there will be maintenance works, we will schedule to do it during off business hours and will inform you in advance.

If you are unable to do calls, it’s advisable to check both us and your SIP trunk provider, many times the downtime can be from SIP trunk providers.

If our Cloud PBX goes down indeed, you may contact your number provider to have it forwarded to your mobile phone.

Can I use a cordless/DECT phone with Yeastar Cloud PBX service?

Yes, there are SIP-based cordless phones that can be purchased. In most cases, you would connect the base station to an Ethernet line. The handset operates on a secure 6 GHz band to keep conversations private.