The IP Phone hardware used is described here.

1. Assemble every handset’s battery and charger, and power on the DECT base, also connect the base DECT to the network. Next, locate the DECT IP address from the 1st handset (Which comes together with the W60B set), from the handset, press “Statue => Base”, take down your base IP address.

2. Access the IP address from a browser. Login with default credential admin/admin, and register the rest of the handsets first. (You can also activate DECT registration by pressing the broadcasting button on the DECT itself as well, refer to equipment official manual for other registration options). Each time you can register only 1 handset and you need to accept registering requests from each handset too.

3. Now, check if your DECT and Handset are using the latest firmware. If not, please download it from Yealink support portal.

4. If it’s not up to date, download both DECT and handset’s firmware, next go to “Settings => Upgrade” Initiate DECT base firmware upgrade, then handset upgrade, wait for the firmware upgrade to complete. (Take note the handset firmware upgrade is pretty slow)

5. Now the firmware is up to date, your hardware is ready now for configuration. Go to your Yeastar Cloud PBX auto-provision, add the DECT base there (Enter the MAC ID as usual), next assign the extension numbers that you want to use with DECT phones. (Max 8 handsets can be connected to 1 base)

Select the correct phone model, enter the MAC address, assign extensions to your lines:

6. Do a factory reset.

7. Disable “Only Accept Trusted Certificate”, and reboot the DECT base.

8. Reboot the Phone. You will be prompted on one of the handsets to enter a user name and password.

9.  Assume you assigned 1025 as the first line, then 1025 is the user name, find it’s voicemail password, this is the password.

10. Now, go back to the status page and you will see all accounts are registered now, the handsets are using the latest firmware as you did the firmware update earlier.

11. Now you may want to update your handset names:

12. Also, you may want to do some reshuffling of inbound and outbound, enable multiple extensions on each handset.

That’s all, you’ve done W60B DECT and W56H handset configuration with Yeastar Cloud PBX. As these just end devices, you should configure system-related functions on the Yeastar Cloud PBX itself.

Optional when you want to reset:

To reset Yealink Base Station to Factory Defaults: W52P, W56P, W60P.
Turn off the device.
Hold down the “Connect” button located on the base of the device.
Power on the device while keeping the “Connect” button pressed.
Wait until all the 3 LED lights are statically ON.
After restart, your Base Station will be successfully reset.
To Reset Yealink Handset to Factory Defaults: W52H, W56H

  1. Step 1: Deregister the handset
  2. Press the “OK” key.
  3. Navigate to “Settings”“Registration”“De-reg. Handset” Enter PIN “0000” to confirm your deregistration.
  4. After specifying your handset, press “Select” → When the message “De-register” appears press “Yes” in order to delete registration from DECT station.
  5. Press the “OK” key
  6. Navigate to “Settings”“System Settings”“Handset Rest”“OK”. When the message “Reset handset to default” appears press “Enter” and insert the PIN 0000”. Press “Yes” to confirm.