You can upload your audio file to the PBX, the audio file should meet the following requirements.

File FormatWAV wav gsm files
PCM 8kHz, 16bit, 128Kb/s, Mono
alaw (g.711a), 8kHz, 8bit, 64Kb/s, Mono
ulaw (g.711u) 8kHz, 8bit, 64Kb/s, Mono
gsm 6.10 8kHz, 13Kb/s, Mono
File NameShould NOT contain special characters.
File SizeSmaller than 8MB.

In general, there are a few days to do your own voice prompt:

1. Record using your own voice using an IP Phone or Linkus.

  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Voice Prompts > Custom Prompts, click Record New.
  2. On the configuration page, set the prompt name and select an extension to record the prompt.
  1. Click Save.The selected extension will ring.
  2. Record your prompt on the phone. When done, press the # key or hang up.
  3. Refresh the Custom Prompts page, you can see the saved prompt file.

2. Use any method below to record your voice prompt using 3rd party website and/or software. Record it first, then convert it to a compatible format before upload it to the server.

  1. Text-to-speech online conversion website.
  4. Free Text to Speech Online with Natural Voices (
  5. From Text To Speech – Free online TTS service
  6. – Free online Text to Speech reader
  10. Record is using your mobile phone (voice memo, find a quiet place to do it in order to reduce background noise)
  11. Engage a professional company to do it. (
  12. Record in a computer using the software. ( (

Upon finishing recording, there is a good chance that the format of your recording isn’t compatible with Yeastar Cloud PBX and you would need to convert it to the right format first before you can upload it into the server. There are at least three options.

  1. Use itunes to do file conversion. (We recommend this method as the converted voice sounds more clear)
  2. Use wavepad to do file conversion
  3. Use to do file conversion.

iTunes is an application from Apple. You’ve set up a custom import setting first, next convert your audio into this format.

WavePad is audio editing software, you can convert audio files via WavePad, then upload the audio files to your PBX.

  1. Launch WavePad, open your audio file.
  2. Click File > Save File As.
  1. Set the Save as type to .wav or gsm, click Save.
  2. For the .wav type, set the encoder options according to the requirements of custom audio files, click OK.

You can quickly convert your audio files via G711 File Converter online.

  1. Visit
  2. Click Browse to upload your audio file.
  3. Set the Output Format. We recommend BroadWorks Classic or Asterisk Standard.
  4. Click Submit to start converting the file.

For more detailed steps, you may want to refer here.