A virtual number is a telephone number that uses Internet technology to place calls (VoIP). This connection is made via an internet SIP Trunk which, unlike the traditional PSTN or ISDN lines, is neither bound to a fixed location nor associated with a physical telephone line.

Using a virtual number brings about various benefits to businesses due to its flexibility:

  • Establish a local presence without actually having one, by being able to allocate multiple numbers from different geographical locations to a single SIP trunk. Businesses can now reach customers internationally while still operating from a single location.
  • Enable business mobility through the use of softphone applications such as Linkus UC, on your mobile device or laptop. Users are no longer confined to the office, and can access calls on their business line on the go, or while working remotely.
  • Maintain a uniformed business presence. Whether you have shifted some business functions offshore where operation overheads are lower, or adopted a remote working model across your business unit, virtual numbers make it possible to maintain a professional and uniform image as customer can still reach you via your business number.
  • Cost effectiveness is enhanced as investment on hardware and maintenance is kept to a minimum. Essentially, each business needs only 1 SIP Trunk to support its entire business operations and this can be easily managed via a centralized web-based platform. Additionally, international IDD call rates are much lower across most SIP providers.

SIP Trunks are a relatively new concept as most businesses still utilize PSTN and ISDN lines. However, there are a number of SIP Trunk Providers available in Singapore for consumers to choose from.