Thanks for purchase our services. We’ve sent you a system-generated email for the system administrator, please follow the instruction to activate Yeastar Cloud PBX and set up your password. Kindly note that you will be the only administrator for your own Yeastar Cloud PBX, we don’t have access to your server.

Initial self setup:

After you’ve activated your cloud instance, you can manage your phone system with the help of these short online configuration guide:

  1. Hoiio SIP Trunk setup guide
  2. How to record your IVR
  3. IP Phone auto-provision guide
  4. Yeastar Cloud PBX’s SMTP Default system-generated emails will be sent from, If you don’t like it, you can get one free email account at and use it for your SMTP only. Alternatively, use one of your own company’s email for SMTP (But avoid Office 365 email account).

You can always refer to Yeastar Cloud PBX document center when you need further help. You will find some interesting features there such as Yeastar Cloud PBX’s unique Auto-Clip feature. (The PBX can route inbound calls from customers to original extensions users who placed the calls. This intelligent call matching feature can greatly improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction.)

For more detailed configuration options for administrators, please refer to Yeastar Cloud PBX’s official documentation here:

Yeastar Cloud PBX Admin Guide

Free Support options:

Don’t worry if you would mess up your server, we do daily backup for the most recent 10 days, in case if your configuration is messed up by yourself and unable to set it back, you may contact us to restore it to a previous date.

Yeastar Cloud PBX comes with extensive documentation which can be found on our website (Blog, Online Training, Helpdesk KB, Document Center), if you are unable to find a solution from our website or google, you may email our support and we will respond within 1 working day with the relevant document, link or screenshot.

Paid Support options:

We also do paid initial setup: Please compile all your requirements (Call flow and list of extensions) and send it to, we will provide you a quotation based on your requirements. (Minimum 200 SGD for 2 programming hours).

In case you may have a problem configuring certain complex scenarios after initial setup, we can do configuration or advanced programming based on this rate:

  • 100 SGD/hour if the feature can be implemented within Yeastar Cloud PBX built-in functions, minimum 1 hour.
  • 250 SGD/hour if it requires coding in Asterisk, minimum 1 hour, requests a quotation from us first.

Kindly note that for paid services, we would require your administrator’s user name and password to access to your server.

Additional order option:

In the future, when you want to add more users, add recordings, it would be more efficient by just email and let us know the order details, we will process your order from the backend, you don’t have to re-enter your personal information again using the order form, and this will also help to prevent users from creating multiple user profiles too.