Linkus Web Client is a web-based client that can be launched from mainstream web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera). It combines all the features that you need to communicate, collaborate, and connect with colleagues. This topic provides Linkus Web Client layout and describes how it benefits your work.

Linkus Web Client layout


  • Live talk with colleagues or external contacts via audio call or video call.
  • Collaborate with colleagues efficiently through personal chat, group chat, and integrated file sharing.
  • Centralized management for company-shared contacts and personal contacts.
  • Face-to-face meetings from web browser within a single click, and enjoy instant, secure, and engaging team communications.
  • Visualized console to quickly handle incoming calls based on real-time availability of users.
  • Streamlined operations to improve agent efficiency and responsiveness, and offer ultimate customer satisfaction.

Log in to Linkus Web Client

This topic describes how to log in to Linkus Web Client via a link in Linkus welcome email.


Make sure you have received a welcome email.

The login link is valid for 24 hours and can be used only ONCE. If the link expires, contact system administrator to resend an email.


  1. Access your mailbox and find the welcome email.
  2. Click the login link for Linkus Web Client. You are directed to Linkus Web Client without entering any credentials.
  3. Allow notifications from Linkus Web Client, so that you can receive notifications when there are incoming calls. In the pop-up dialog box, click Allow.

4. Read and agree the Privacy Policy Agreement.

a. Select the checkbox of I have read and agree to the above agreement.

b. Click Confirm.

5. In the pop-up window, change user password as needed.

a. In the New Password field, enter a new password.

b. In the Confirm New Password field, enter the new password again.

c. Click Save.

Next time you want to change user password, you can click your account at the top right, click Change Password to change password as needed.

What to do next

  • Use your user name (email address) and new password to log in to Linkus Web Client again.
  • Note down the domain of Linkus Web Client, which is displayed in the address bar.

Enter the domain on web browser next time you want to access Linkus Web Client.

Linkus Web Client Layout

This topic provides an overview of Linkus Web Client.

Navigation bar provides quick access to the following features:

  • Extensions: View colleague information, place audio/video calls or leave voicemails for colleagues.
  • Contacts: Manage external contacts, or place audio calls to external contacts.
  • Chat: Start a personal chat or a group chat with colleagues.
  • Video Conferencing: Start an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting to discuss with multiple parties.
  • Operator Panel: Manage calls of members in a specific group.Note:The feature requires authorization from system administrator.For more information about operations on Operator Panel, see Operator Panel User Guide.
  • Call Center Console: Handle queue calls and achieve real-time call monitoring, reporting, and management.Note:The feature requires support from PBX. Contact system administrator for details.For more information about operations on Call Center, see Call Center Console User Guide.
  • Call Logs: View and manage your call logs.
  • Voicemails: View and manage your voicemails.
  • Recordings: View and manage your recording files.
  • Preferences: Configure extension profile, extension presence, voicemail, audio and video, function keys, call-handling rules, email notifications, etc.
  • Chrome Extension: Provide quick access to 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' extension.Note:The menu only appears when you haven't downloaded or enabled 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' extension.


Toolbar provides quick access to common actions:

  • Place audio calls or video calls
  • Monitor status of specific objects or quickly perform specific features via function keys
  • Change user password
  • Change extension presence
  • Change agent status
  • Change web language
  • Download Linkus Desktop Client and Linkus Mobile Client
  • Download 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Extension


Workspace is an area in which you can view or manage specific features.

Portal of system management

Access the management portal of PBX server to manage specific system features.

Only when system administrator grants you management permission can you view and access system management portal.

Reset Your User Password

If you forget the password to log in to Linkus clients or the PBX web portal, you can reset your User Password.


  • If you forget the email address, you cannot reset your password.
In this case, you can contact the system administrator to help you reset your User Password.


Access Linkus Web Client, click Forgot Password?.

  1. You are redirected to the Forget Password page.

2. On the Forget Password page, enter the username and the email address.

  • Username: Extension number.
  • Email Address: The email address that is associated with your extension.

3. Click Send.A password reset email is sent to your email address.

4. Check the password reset email, and click the link provided in the email.

You are directed to the Reset Password page. Note: This link is valid for 30 minutes and can only be used once.

5. On the Reset Password page, enter your new password twice, and click Save.


Your User Password is changed. You need to log in to the PBX web portal and Linkus clients by the new password next time.

Set Linkus Web Client to Run at Startup on a Computer


Step1. Make a web browser run at startup on a computer

Refer to the following instructions based on your operating system to make a web browser run at startup on a computer.


  1. On your keyboard, press

+ R.

  1. In the Run dialog box, enter shell:startup, click OK.
  1. Copy the shortcut of a web browser App.
  2. In the Startup folder, paste the shortcut.

The web browser will run at startup on Windows.


  1. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups, click Login Items tab.
  2. Click

to add a web browser App.

  1. In the pop-up window, select a desired web browser App and click Add.

The web browser will run at startup on macOS.

Step2. Make Linkus Web Client run at startup on a web browser

  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client.
  2. Right click the Linkus Web Client tab.
  3. Click Pin.


Linkus Web Client runs at startup on the computer and stays logged in.

Do NOT log out of Linkus Web Client, or it can not automatically log in next time your web browser opens.
If you close web browser or Linkus Web Client tab, you can NOT receive notifications from Linkus Web Client. To avoid this, you can install Chrome extension 'Yeastar Linkus for Google', which allows you to make calls or receive notifications even when web browser is closed.

Log out of Linkus Web Client

This topic describes how to log out of Linkus Web Client.


  1. At the top-right corner of Linkus Web Client, click your account.
  2. In the drop-down list, click Log out.


You log out of Linkus Web Client.