Step 1

Identify your registration information from Hoiio’s portal, only take note of your SIP username, password, and server name.

If you are unable to find the SIP trunk in your account, then it is likely that your SIP trunk has not been provisioned yet. Please approach Hoiio’s sales or support.

Step 2

Key in your SIP trunk username, password, and server name onto your Yeastar Cloud PBX Trunk configuration

(Settings => PBX => Trunks => Add).

Take note that Singapore is not available under country selection, please select “General” instead.

Click “Save”, and then “Apply” on the top right. This will reload the asterisk and apply the configuration changes.

Step 3

Check your trunk registration status by selecting “PBX Monitor”.

You should see a green tick if the trunk was registered successfully.

Step 4

Double check registration at your Hoiio portal. (You may want to check this at a later time as Hoiio will not show the real-time update on the connection status).

That’s all for the SIP trunk registration.