Compatible SIP Trunks

Register your Hoiio SIP Trunk to Yeastar Cloud PBX

Step 1 Identify your registration information from Hoiio’s portal, only take note of your SIP username, password, and server name. If you are unable to find the SIP trunk in your account, then it is likely that your SIP trunk has not been provisioned yet. Please approach Hoiio’s

Register your MyRepublic SIP Trunk to Yeastar Cloud PBX

Step 1 Identify your registration information from the welcome email sent by MyRepublic. Take note of your SIP username, password, and server name. Step 2 Key in your SIP trunk username, password, and server name onto your Yeastar Cloud PBX Trunk configuration (Settings => PBX => Trunks => Add). Take note that Singapore

Hoiio SIP trunk

There are hundreds of SIP Trunk providers in the world, Hoiio is the one focusing on the Singapore market. Hoiio’s SIP Trunk is a reliable SIP trunking solution for better call quality at much lower call charges. SIP Trunk can be instantly purchased, upgrade, or downgraded as your need

Why is it important to get your own SIP trunk and numbers directly from a SIP provider?

Most PBX vendors would package SIP trunk and DID numbers together with their cloud PBX, and some customers may like this idea as they can deal with one vendor for all their telephone needs. However, we do NOT recommend this for a few reasons: 1. You are not the actual

Setting Up a Hoiio Account

Starting from April 2020, it’s now mandatory to fill up a signup form and submit the required documents to them before they can open an account for you. Please have your documents ready in photo or PDF format, send it to, Hoiio will open your account

Hoiio: Prepaid vs Postpaid Billing

Unlike the traditional telco in Singapore, Hoiio has a prepaid payment scheme by default. Subscribers top up sufficient funds into their accounts to cover the SIP trunk subscription and call charges upfront in order to use their service. Although most subscribers are used to the postpaid payment scheme, a prepaid

Caller ID customization option

Caller ID customization is useful when you are still considering if number porting is for you and you want to try out the SIP trunk service, with this service, you can force the outbound calls to display any telephone number owned by you. Customization of Caller ID is available on

Number Retention: Porting from Singtel to Hoiio

Using a SIP Trunk is the best option when considering numbers for your Yeastar Cloud PBX. It is also possible to retain your existing business number when switching over to SIP. This article briefly describes the porting process for a number from Singtel to Hoiio. Upon completion of number porting,

Hoiio: Incoming Call Rates

Product NameVariant NameUsage chargeIncoming CallAustralia0Incoming CallAustralia – Toll-Free (Shared-cost)0.088Incoming CallAustria0.011Incoming CallBrazil0Incoming CallCambodia0.088Incoming CallChina0Incoming CallChina Shanghai0.05Incoming CallChina Toll-Free0.5Incoming CallCzech Republic0Incoming CallDenmark0Incoming CallFinland0Incoming CallFrance0Incoming CallGermany0Incoming CallHong Kong0.01Incoming CallIndia0Incoming CallIndonesia0.023Incoming CallIndonesia Landline0Incoming CallIndonesi

Hoiio: Outgoing Call Rates

Product NameVariant NameUsage charge (SGD/Min)Outgoing CallAFGHANISTAN0.41Outgoing CallALBANIA0.35Outgoing CallALBANIA – MOBILE0.79Outgoing CallAMERICAN SAMOA0.07Outgoing CallANGOLA0.5Outgoing CallANGUILLA0.53Outgoing CallANTIGUA AND BARBUDA0.46Outgoing CallARGENTINA0.11Outgoing CallARGENTINA – MOBILE0.33Outgoing CallARMENIA0.47Outgoing CallARUBA0.42Outgoing CallAUSTRALIA0.09Outgoing CallAUSTRALIA – SPECIAL SERVICE0.09Outgoing CallAUSTRIA0.46Outgoing CallAUSTRIA – MOBILE0.46Outgoing CallAZERBAIJ

Hoiio: DID Subscription Rates

Variant NameActivation FeeSubscription (1 month)Subscription  (1 year)Australia – Adelaide1.71560Australia – Adelaide0560Australia – Brisbane1.71560Australia – Canberra1.71560Australia – Melbourne1.71560Australia – Perth1.71560Australia – Sydney1.71560Australia – Toll-Free97.6812144Austria1.210120Brazil – Sao Paulo3.1710120Cambodia – Phnom Penh0.61551860Canada – Alberta0.6560Canada – Ontario0.6560Canada – Quebec0.6560Canada – Victoria0.6560China0.620240China – Shanghai0.626312China – Shared-Cost

SIP Trunk Provider: Hoiio

SIP Trunk Provider: Hoiio * Created July 4, 2021 * Author Denise Tan * Category General FAQ, Everything about Hoiio SIP Trunk Need the flexibility of a monthly subscription without being tied in with a contract period, or international numbers to add on to your plan? Consider Hoiio. Step 1: Select a Subscription

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