Standard (S-Series) Admin Guide

Getting Started Guide

Set Date and Time Adjust the time of your PBX (including the time zone) to your local time. The PBX will generate call logs with your local time. 1. Go to Settings > System > Date & Time. 2. Select your time zone. 3. (Optional) Configure Daylight Saving Time. 4. Click Save. 5.


Extension Overview An extension is a short internal number. Extensions allow users to make and receive calls. You can assign extensions to every employee in your organization. Extension types Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX supports the following types of extension: SIP Extension A SIP extension is based on SIP protocol. To


Contacts Overview Yeastar Contacts feature allows you to add external contacts to Company Contacts and share the Company Contacts with your organization. Each extension user has a Personal Contacts to create and manage their personal contacts. Contacts types Company Contacts Company Contacts is a phone book that allows you to


Trunk Overview Making and receiving calls between internal extensions is one thing, but if you want to receive and make calls to the outside world, you need at least a trunk to the outside world. VoIP Trunks Introduction VoIP Trunks are phone lines that transmit calls over the Internet. A

Call Control

Emergency calling Emergency Calling Overview This topic describes concepts that you need to know before managing emergency calling, including requirements and restrictions, basic emergency calling, and enhanced emergency calling. Requirements To make an emergency call, you should make sure the following requirements are met: * IP phones or soft phones must

Call Features

Set up an IVR Set up your own IVR if you need to routing incoming calls via an auto attendant. 1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > IVR, click Add to add an IVR or edit the default IVR. 2. Edit the Basic settings of the IVR. * Number: PBX treats

Call Recording

Call Recording Overview Yeastar Cloud PBX supports One Touch Recording and Auto Recording. One Touch Recording One Touch Reording, also known as On-demand Recording, allows users to dial *1 on their phones to record calls at any time.For more detail of One Touch Recording, refer to One Touch Record.

Voice Prompts

System Prompt The default system prompt language is English. You can change the global system prompt, and if an extension user works in a foreign language, you can set a different system prompt for the user. Change System Prompt Yeastar have stored all the supported system prompts online. You can

System Management

System General Settings The system general settings can be applied globally to Yeastar Cloud PBX System Preference Configure the preferences settings that will be applied globally to the system. Go to Settings > PBX > General > Preferences to configure the system preferences. General Preference OptionDescriptionMax Call DurationSelect the global maximum call duration.


Maintenance gives you access to upgrade PBX firmware, check logs and troubleshooting. Upgrade Firmware Note: * Back up the PBX configurations before you start to update the PBX firmware. * If “Reset configuration to Factory Defaults” is enabled, the system will reset to factory default settings after upgrading. * When update the firmware,

PBX Monitor

The PBX monitors the status of Trunks, Extensions, Concurrent Call, Conference. You can log in the PBX web interface, go to PBX Monitor to check the real-time status of your trunks, extensions, and conferences. VoIP Trunk Status StatusDescriptionRegisteredRegistering * Unreachable * Registration failed, caused by: * wrong password * wrong authentication name * wrong user

Resource Monitor

Monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, disk utilization and network flow. You can go to Resource Monitor to check the information or click the shortcut icon at the right-top corner. Information Check the basic information of the PBX. * Product * Serial Number * Hardware Version * Software Version * System Time: The current time

CDR and Recordings

You can check CDR and auto recordings on the PBX web interface. CDR (Call Detail Record) is a data record that contains various attributes of the call, such as time, duration, call status, source number, and destination number, etc. Searching CriteriaYou can search CDR and recordings by the following criteria:

How to integrate Yeastar Cloud PBX with Zoho Suite

Zoho Integration Introduction Zoho Integration App is designed to facilitate quick integration between your Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and multiple Zoho applications. Supported Zoho applications and features The Zoho Integration App is applicable to the following Zoho applications: * Zoho One: An all-in-one suite of Zoho applications designed to meet user‘

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