Yeastar Cloud PBX is a fully-featured cloud-based phone system ideally suited for SMBs. Besides efficient call communication, rich telephony features, desktop softphone, BYOD mobility, IM, presence, unified messaging and CRM integration are all at your disposal. With 100% hosted deployment, there is no upfront hardware cost and the in-house management overheads are reduced to almost nothing.

Free Linkus Trial

We provide a FREE Linkus trial to you so that you can evaluate if it’s for your company.

  1. Download Linkus client for your mobile and computer:
  2. Trial details
  3. What can you do with Linkus
  4. Start from small

Yeastar Cloud PBX: 89 SGD/Server/Month (Comes with 5 licensed users and 10,000 minutes of recordings)

There are two major components in our solution: Yeastar Cloud PBX is where you manage your phone systems features, such as add a SIP trunk, program time schedule, IVR, etc. it’s also the end user’s self-management portal, whereby they can login and manage their own extension, such as setup call forward, check voicemail and CDR. Linkus is Yeastar’s proprietary software for end-users, you can use it on both mobile phone and computer.

  1. Yeastar Cloud PBX
  2. Linkus UC App

We charge NO cloud setup fee, no cancellation fee, no long-term contract. More information.

You can optionally order these add on services:

  • Yeastar PBX User license at 8 SGD/User/Month  (Additional users can be purchased or terminated on-demand.)
  • Call recording storage at 2 SGD/500Min/Month. (Please note that there is only an upgrade option, no downgrade option.)

Maintenance / Technical Support: Free.

Yeastar Cloud PBX comes with extensive documentation which can be found on our website (Knowledgebase, Blog, Online Training, Helpdesk KB, Document Center), if you are unable to find a solution from our website, you may email us and we will respond within the same day with a proposed solution and the relevant document, link or screenshot.

  1. Our support Email:

If you prefer to do it by yourself, you may also attempt to manage your own phone system with the help of our online configuration guide:

  1. Initial setup guide
  2. Admin manual
  3. Security guide
  4. Backup/Restore: We do daily backup for the most recent 10 days, in case your configuration is messed up and unable to set it back, you may contact us to restore it to a previous date.
  5. Hoiio SIP Trunk setup guide
  6. How to record your own IVR
  7. IP Phone auto-provision guide
  8. Yeastar Cloud PBX’s SMTP:  Default system-generated emails will be sent from, If you don’t like it, you can get one free email account at and use it for your SMTP only. Alternatively, use one of your own company’s email for SMTP (But avoid Office 365 email account).
  9. Yeastar Cloud PBX’s Auto-Clip: The PBX can route inbound calls from customers to original extensions users who placed the calls. This intelligent call matching feature can greatly improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction.)

Initial setup: Free or Paid

We offer step by step setup guide, you may want to attempt to do the setup by follow the setup guide.

  1. Hoiio SIP trunk setup guide
  2. MyRepublic SIP trunk setup guide
  3. Initial setup guide

Optionally, if you require our engineers to do the configuration for your organization:

  1. Paid initial setup: Every company has their own phone system workflow, please compile all your requirements and send it to and we will provide you a quotation to do it (Our rate is based on 100 SGD/Hour, minimum 2 hours for setup), the minimum information we need in order to do the initial setup:
  2. Detailed call flow (Preferably in a flow chart format, you may request samples from us)
  3. Your number provider (We recommend Hoiio
  4. List of DID numbers
  5. List of extensions

Advanced programming: Paid

  1. Paid programming: In case you may have a problem to configure certain complex scenarios after the initial setup, we can do configuration and advanced programming based on this.
  2. 100 SGD/hour if the feature can be implemented within Yeastar Cloud PBX built-in functions, minimum 1 hours.
  3. 250 SGD/hour if it requires hardcoding in Asterisk, minimum 1 hour, request a quotation from us first.

Telephone numbers

Option 1: Bridge your existing numbers to Yeastar Cloud PBX with a Yeastar gateway.

  1. If it’s PSTN/POTS/RJ11
  2. If it’s ISDN

Option 2: Purchase a SIP Trunk and DID numbers from MyRepublic or

  1. A 2 concurrent call SIP trunk with a Singapore DID by Hoiio will cost you 15 SGD/month, plus usual call charges. For more details please refer to Hoiio SIP Trunk price.
  2. A 5 concurrent call SIP trunk with a Singapore DID by MyRepublic will cost you 40 SGD/month, but they offer good DID rate: Block of 10DDI – $10/mth.

Option 3: Port your numbers to Hoiio.

  1. Everything about Hoiio SIP trunk and Number Porting services

IP Phones

Yeastar Cloud PBX works with almost any major IP phone brands. But we do recommend Yealink here. Choose the product you like on Yealink website ( and come back to us for an official quotation. If you are not sure what to choose, let us know your application and budget, we will recommend you on a suitable model.

  1. Yealink IP Phones price
  2. IP Phone auto-provision
  3. Compatible IP Phone brand and models
  4. How to work with your softphone and IP Phone


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